validation spectrophotometer

Validation of Spectrophotometer

UV-Visible Spectrophotometer is the one of the most important instrument in many laboratories. It is used in the industries, pharmacy labs, and many other places. It plays the major role in the testing of samples and provides the best results. That’s why it is very important to validate your spectrophotometer working properly or not. You […]

tesing of COVID 19

How CORONA VIRUS Test Happened By RT PCR

There are two testing methods available RT PCR Technique which is Reverse Transcription PCR Technique and the second option is Rapid Blood Testing kit, which is very fast but RT PCR is more accurate than the Rapid testing Kit. So before discussing the method to test the Corona Virus in the blood, we have to […]

will temperature kill covid 19

Will Temperature Kill Coronavirus

Many Peoples think that this Novel Covid 19 will not survive in the high temperature. US President Donald Trump also said that this Covid 19 would not survive in the higher temperature. But is it the truth. Actually first many researchers think that may be this Corona Virus will not survive in the higher temperature. […]

coronavirus in water

Can COVID 19 Contaminate the Drinking Water as well?

It is one of the most important and very necessary questions that may coronavirus contaminate drinking water as well or not. Water is the basic need of the every house hold and if it may also contaminate water then it is become one of the biggest issues to fight against it. Many researches have done […]

Tungsten Turbidity Meter vs IR Turbidity Meter

IR Turbidity Meter Vs Tungsten Turbidity Meter

Turbidity Meter: It is an electronic instrument which is used to measure the turbidity in the solution. Turbidity meter is basically based on the principle of Tyndall Effect. Tyndall Effect: This is the phenomenon when white light is scattering by fine suspended particles and colloid particles. Turbidity Meter Working: Mostly Turbidity meter follow the Nephelometry, […]

drinking water

Drinking Water Testing

Water is one of the most important things for the life. Water is second most necessary thing for the life after air. We can’t survive more than four days without water. Drinking water is never pure, water naturally contains mineral and microorganisms from rocks, soil, air with which it comes in contract. 85% of India’s […]

Pharmaceutical Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

The waste water generated by Pharmaceutical and personal care industries and Drug manufacturing units contain various solvents, ingredients and other solids, hazardous wastes. Removing these effluents through traditional methods is not only unsafe but also does not comply with latest environmental guidelines. Purpose: Pharmaceutical waste water treatment can directly impact GMP compliance for the manufacture […]

Process Water Monitoring

Water quality analysis is essential for Optimum Power Plant Performance. Water quality control within power plants maintains the operational efficiency and minimizes plant downtime caused by corrosion or preventative maintenance. It also allows turbine warranties to remain applicable. The integrity of the components is affected by the constant contact of the water and steam with […]