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Health Care

Health Care

The industrial revolution in developing countries can be reminisced as the most extensive development in human kind- the era when automation overpowered manual struggle. Remember our grandmothers working in their kitchen all day long without any mixer grinders or even a gas stove to assist them in their daily chores and at the same time, our grandfathers walking many miles to reach their farming or their occupational areas? I mean every human task involved much more labor than we can afford to think sitting in an air conditioned room now days. But then that generation enjoyed a boon of longer life spans and lesser disease inflicted deaths. In recent years, as we are quite splurged with the use of the simplest of machine like lever to as complex ones as computers, our lifestyle has been greatly influenced by these advances. Also, various alongside disadvantages are inevitable and impacting the most precious gift of God which is our health. Though the list is never ending, few of these culpable demerits are being highlighted as:

  1. Pollution: It is a well known fact that increasing pollution is not only making our life terrible but also making our earth the only planet where life exists, an extremely unsuitable place to live. According to a report by State of Global Air 2019, the exposure to air pollution alone has contributed to over 1.2 million deaths in India in 2017. We can well imagine the stats when other element like water, soil and many other different types of pollution will be taken into consideration.
  2. Plastic use: The use of plastic has surpassed any other material known to human and so are its disadvantages. Scientists have termed the unappeased plastic problem as plastic pollution and signaled that India alone produces around 15,342 tons per day and 70 percent of it is disposed as waste. It seems implausible to part from plastic these days but unknowingly we ourselves are playing with our health using unregulated grade plastic. Needless to say, BPA and phthalate present in plastics give rise to a wide proportion of cancers, birth defects, impaired immunity and other ailments.
  3. Sedentary lifestyle: Here, we need to thank gadget world, though all the mobile phones, computers and automated appliances have made our life extremely simpler but alas! Because of lack of physical movement we are rushing towards a physically incapable world. To a large extent, several chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure etc are the consequence of spending hours with these devices.
  4. Transformed Eating habits: Owing to ready to eat platters and rapid increase in fast food chains, people are more indulged in eating more junk food than healthy and balanced meal. Of course, unhealthy meal will somehow affect both body and soul someday.
  5. Chemical adulterations: Again, we cannot actually help it but to feed proliferating population, food producers are relying on chemicals fertilizers, pesticides and nature identical chemicals to augment growth. Since these chemicals are entering our food chain, nothing plant derived or animal derived is safe to eat, in fact resulting in various genetic problems since childbirth.

Aforementioned are the reasons which are affecting our health but can we do something about it, like a prevention or remedy? However we can only take measures but infallible escape is not possible since the culprits are right there in what we eat, drink or inhale and thus, cannot be avoided. Some of the scientifically proved measures which can help us to live a healthier life can be:

  • Regular exercise: Make sure you include atleast half an hour exercise in your daily schedule. A nice evening walk can also do the job but that should be away from gadgets especially mobiles. It will not only elevate your physical stamina but also calms your mind. Distressing is the key after long working hours which would definitely make profound improvement in your health and related issues
  • Eating healthy: Recently, an award winning study was conducted on fruit flies fed on organic food stuff versus on conventional food. Not surprisingly, former ones have significantly longer lifespan than the latter ones, apparently, because they are not consuming chemicals in their eatables unlike others. Similar is the case with us humans, if we start eating healthy today it will somewhere detoxify our body and make us capable enough to lead a healthy life. Rightly taught to your toddlers- Say no to junk foods
  • Regular checkups: From measuring body temperature with human touch only to the colossal medical equipments functioning on scanning signals passing through the body, the modern health care industry has been through an ordeal witnessing these changes. But all these developments will go wane if we would not take their advantage. Today health care industry is too established to diagnose the most of the ailments during its incubation or a very preliminary stage. For instance, heart problem can easily be manipulated by keeping a timely check of blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Another example is of diabetes which is influencing approx 7.1% of adult population in India and now getting prevalent in infants also, may be diagnosed prior reaching a chronic stage by simple blood test. One can have simple health monitoring equipments like sphygmomanometer, glucometer, nebulizers etc. at home but medication certainly is not recommended without proper diagnosis. As I professed prevention is better than cure, usual checkups or atleast whole body routine checkup annually is highly advisable. It is better to invest on your health rather than crying over spilt milk, I mean, wasting a generous amount of your hard earn money when you will get plagued by some disease, chronic or non chronic it may be.