tesing of COVID 19

How CORONA VIRUS Test Happened By RT PCR

There are two testing methods available RT PCR Technique which is Reverse Transcription PCR Technique and the second option is Rapid Blood Testing kit, which is very fast but RT PCR is more accurate than the Rapid testing Kit.

So before discussing the method to test the Corona Virus in the blood, we have to understand about this virus. Then only we can understand how we can found the presence of the virus in the Blood.

In this article we are only discussing about the RT PCR or Reverse Transcription PCR Technique to check the COVID 19 presence in the human body.

First we have to understand that why this is hard to test the COVID 19 virus. It is very small we cannot see it with the microscope as well. And the second point is this virus do not have the DNA in it. It is made up of RNA. So the problem is when we take the sample for the testing with the help of the PCR we are not able to easily test it. Because most of the test which were process are happened with the help of the DNA. But this corona virus do not have the DNA. So we are using the technique RT-PCR, in this first we take the sample and transcript the DNA to the RNA then we test it with the help of RT-PCR. That’s why it is known as the Reverse Transcription Method. Because normally Transcription happened to change the RNA to DNA, but in this we transcript the sample DNA to RNA.

Testing Method for COVID 19 Test:

To test the virus we take the sample from the patient. Generally this virus affects the upper nozzle cavity. So we have to take the nose SWAB which is known as the nasopharyngeal swab, we take this swab with the help of the cotton bud. Now we have the sample. In this sample there are droplets by which technicians check that the person is infected with the virus or not. Then this sample going to the lab for the testing of sample.

The technicians check the droplets in the swab to identify the presence of the virus, because the virus is placed in it.

Because the size of the virus is very small, we use the RT-PCR method. In PCR the method Polymer chain reaction to amplify the double standard DNA and make the multiple copies of the DNA.

To amplify the RNA of the virus we have to know the sequence of the RNA. As we all know china already provide the sequence of the RNA of COVID19 to all over the world. So we know the sequence to find out the RNA.

All the companies which are making the RT-PCR testing kits for the coronavirus. They all are making the different kits but they all are trying to target the specific region of the sequence that must be present in the RNA of virus. Now we target the RNA to make the multiple copies.

Now we have to make the DNA from the RNA with the help of enzyme Reverse transcriptase. Now when we change the RNA to DNA. We can make the multiple copies.

Now in the RT-PCR we use the real time mode to check that our targeted Sequence has increasing or not. In this there is fluorescent dye or color which gives the color. Now the Color (florescent) combine with the double standard DNA. Now if the florescent increases than we can say that the copies are increasing of the virus DNA. That’s mean result is positive and the person infected from COVID 19.

If there is no change in the florescent then it means that the result is negative.