• Conductivity Meter

    Conductivity Meter (4)

    Conductivity Meter is an instrument which is use to check the conductivity and TDS(Total Dissolved Solids) in the solution. It is mostly use in the water testing laboratories, pharama industries and all water related and industries (beverages, wtp, stp).
  • Do Meter

    Do Meter (3)

    Dissolved Oxygen is a very major parameter to check the water quality and aquatic life. DO Meter used in mostly Water Monitoring, Water Treatment, WTP, and in the research for ecological study and enviornment studies. It is one of the most critical Parameter in aquaculture operation. Dissolved Oxygen Meter is an electronic instrument which measure the dissolved oxygen level in…
  • Moisture Balances

    Moisture Balances (1)

    Moisture Balance is an instrument used in the labs to check the moisture content in the substance or to check the weight of the substance without water. The moisture balance evaporate the water content in the substance with the help of infrared rays (which it release) and then weight the substance.
  • Multi Parameter Meter

    Multi Parameter Meter (3)

    Multi Parameter Meter is an instrument which can measure many parameter in the solution like PH, conductivity, DO (dissolved oxygen) and IONS, salinity in the solution. You can measure different parameters by changing the electrodes in the instrument. It is used in many different fields like in the water treatment, Pharamaceutical Labs, beverages and all water related labs.
  • ph Meter

    ph Meter (4)

    pH is the scale or unit which is used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of the water-based solutions. The range of pH scale is 0 to 14; if the value of pH is less than 7 then the solution will be acidic. And if it is Higher, then the solution will be basic and 7 would be neutral. pH…
  • Precision Balances

    Precision Balances (1)

    Balances is a very common instrument which is used everywhere. But precision balances which have accuracy 1mg or less used in the labs.
  • TDS Meter

    TDS Meter (1)

    TDS Meter is an instrument which use to check the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in the solution. TDS is an important parameter which shows the purity of the water. It is used in many fields.
  • Turbidity Meter

    Turbidity Meter (4)

    Turbidity Meter is an instrument which used to check the suspended particles in the solution. Turbidity Meter also named Nephlometric Turbidity Meter, the unit of the turbidity is NTU (Nephlometric Turbidity Unit).