Qtech Water Bath (Customized)

Water bath is one of important instruments of the laboratory. Water bath is mostly used in the laboratories to warming the reagents or chemicals, melting the substrates and so on. It is also use for some chemicals which are highly inflammable, we use water bath to enable the chemical reaction by heating them with the help of water bath with ignition.


There are some different types of water bath is available Shaking Water bath, Circulating Water bath and Non-Circulating Water bath.

Non-Circulating Water Bath: In this the water will be still in its same place and the water is not circulating because of that water temperature in all parts will not be same.

Circulating Water Bath: They are usually used where the temperature of the water bath needs to be accurate and same at every place. In this the water is circulating because of that the temperature of water will be same at each place.

Shaking Water Bath: These are the type of advanced and user friendly water bath, they are come with the extra controls for the shaking of the water. You can easily control the shaker in this. These are used in the microbiological practices and so on.

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