Some Questions About Calibration

What is difference Calibrator and Control?

Calibrator: It is an equipment or standard use to calibrate the instrument or we can say that it uses to adjust the reading of the equipment.

Control: It is use to monitor and analyze the working of the instrument.

You can say that Calibrator is working as friend of the instrument which adjust it to more accurate, where control is like the teacher in examination room which only checking and monitor the students

What’s Multi Point Calibration?

In some instruments not showing the linear graph against the measurement range, they require curve measurement to get the accurate measurement. In this situation multi-point calibration has used.

3 point, 5 point are also come under the Multi-Point Calibration.

What’s the difference between Calibration & Validation?

Calibration is the procedure to adjust the values to be more precise and accurate of an instrument as per the known standard

Validation is the way which ensures that the system functioning correctly or not